Sunday, November 4, 2007

Skateboard Class at the park Nov. 3

Yesterday's class was amazing! It was the first beginning skateboard class Gary and I had done for Santa Cruz Parks and Rec. We had 11 kids ages 5-9 signed up with an adult female. I found out on Friday that I had 9 more on a waiting list. Father of child number 10 called me directly at work (small town). We had a good early start at 9:00 am the weather was perfect and the local skaters were respectful and patient with us taking over sections of the park. It was great to see the kids learn to fakie in the little pool. Learning the feeling of going back and forth and teaching them balance and how by bending the knees and straightening up they could get some momentum. We even got the kids in the full pipe and big pool. They were in awe of the size and the echo inside. The smiles say it all.
I want to Thanks Drew for driving all the way to SC even though he had a birthday for his niece to attend. Also Mike for helping all the other parents that gave a hand. We learned that we need more skate teachers and a bit shorter class session. We enjoyed teaching the class and will do it again!

(Skaters not to worry it will be like once every six months.)